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Welcome to Webseller from Awesome Web Development (AWD)!


Webseller is the solution for new and existing companies that would like to spread their reach to include the internet and do not have the capabilities , know how or the finance. We have various solution to suit what you are looking for.


In a nut shell we cover the costs of setting up the website, domain registration and hosting, we fully manage the website for you and give you a free email address for the domain we register. No UPFRONT costs, you simply pay a a referral commission for each sale that is generated from the website. That is right it only costs you when you make a sale. What a deal! Here is a breakdown:

We do:
• Cover all the costs we incur creating the website, we cover no costs unless they have been agreed to upfront and are aware of them.
• Use free website templates
• Use your logo, we need your logo in .png format
• Use your write up and images
• Give you one free email address with the website (Pop 3 access only) you need to use your own SMTP from your ISP.
• Own the domain that we register and pay for.
• We own the website, scripts etc that we set up, you are able to buy this from us at a later stage if you prefer to take it over.


We do not:
• Give you FTP access to your website
• Create logos (This can be negotiated depending on sales and scope of the website)
• Spend more than 3 hours setting up your website.

What is the catch:
The catch is that you are required to pay commission to AWD for each and every sale that is generated from the website lead that is sent to you – this varies depending on the price and com. of the product.(If you do not have a product to sell or you have a static site which is for content we can discuss alternatives to suit your needs) We will only add a contact form to the website where people are able to send through a request (lead) through to your email address or the one created free with your site. This way leads can be tracked from our end and feedback given by yourself on each lead. We require a signed contract prior to starting work on your website.


To get started please click contact us and complete the contact form.